Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

University Information Resources Security Acknowledgement

By accepting my IslandID and setting an IslandID password, I acknowledge my awareness of and concurrence with all of the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Rules and Procedures regarding information resources which can be viewed at http://academicaffairs.tamucc.edu/rules_procedures/.

In particular, I acknowledge that:

  • University Passwords
    • I will log into the University network with only the IslandID and password I set.
    • I will keep my IslandID password private and not reveal it to anybody else for any reason.
    • If I have reason to believe that someone else has learned my password, I must:
      1. Change the password immediately.
      2. Notify the Office of Information Security.
  • Authorization
    • I will access only those information resources and data to which I am authorized by the University.
    • I will conduct only those transactions that I am authorized by the University to conduct.
  • Confidential and University-Sensitive Information
    • I will protect the University's confidential/sensitive information in accordance with University Procedure 29.01.03.C2.28 - Classification and Protection of Data.
    • I will access or otherwise use such data:
      1. Only when explicitly authorized to do so.
      2. Only in the authorized manner.
      3. Only for legitimate University-business or academic reasons.
    • I will not copy such data onto a portable device or non-University machine unless authorized and absolutely necessary, and if I do so I must encrypt the data.
  • Acceptable Use/Incidental Use/Privacy
    • I will keep personal use of University information resources to a minimum.
    • I understand that anything I store on a University information resource and anything I send or receive via the University network can be examined by authorized University personnel.
  • Workstation Security
    • When I leave a workstation, I will log myself out of the workstation, shut down the workstation, or lock the desktop.
  • Incident Reporting
    • I will report any weaknesses in the security of the University‚Äôs information resources or any incidents of possible misuse or violation of this or any other policy to the Office of Information Security (ois@tamucc.edu).
  • Penalties
    • I understand that by violating any aspect of this pledge, I may be subject to University disciplinary action and criminal prosecution to the full extent of the law. (Chapter 33, Section 1, Title 7 of the Texas Penal Code.)

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